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10-30-2014, 12:00 PM
Heading out outside GG on Sunday towards Duxberry to do some fishing & crabbing, hopefully the weather cooperates.

Few questions:

1. How big of a weight would you use with danielson foldable pots? Any affordable ideas from Home Depot, how about 8lbs attached trolling ball?

2. Would you use a weight 12' below the float even if you have leaded rope?

3. Any weights or rubber bands on the flap doors, of so how to?

4. Would you use a stick & flag with a float or just the bright colored buoy is enough?

5. How many feet of rope would you let out to the buoy crabbing in 60' for example?

6. They say that sandy bottom is where you want to put pots, any general location idea for duxberry so we can still fish for rockcod near by?

7. I hear about pots being stolen sometimes, any recommendations to avoid that happening?

8. Any other general tips?

Thanks for your input!


10-30-2014, 12:59 PM
I use 2-24" steel rods for concrete forms from Home Depot attached with cable ties. Spiral wrap 6" pencil lead each door, your boat CF and mobile # each float, look at map to select location with sandy bottom and depth mean low tide off map + 6' tide swing for rope length. I cable tie tag end of rope after my knots. Fill bait cage with garlic marinated squid and sardines. Bring crab caliper, 5 gallon bucket for crabs, use sea water and Walmart bubble box, you may want a bucket on rope with 3oz weight on lip to get seawater. I steam crabs 15 min, cool in fridge, break off section of body with each leg, easier to get body meat. The 5 gal bucket of seawater with bubble box gets lots of sand out before cooking, pour seawater down drain it will kill lawn.

10-30-2014, 04:32 PM
Check the bar forecast and the tides before you head out, this weekend looks like some swell will be rolling in. Weight in the traps has a lot to do with where your fishing and the conditions,,,current, depth, and swell. 8 lbs should hold you pretty good in <200'. If you have leaded line you won't need a line weight. You should rig your traps with longer line than you plan to fish in case you need to make a move to deeper water, its going to be busy this weekend. 25% extra line at a min for your depth of H2o. You can buy new doors that have weights all ready mounted, just switch them out, but its not absolutely needed, it does help the fold up traps from leaking, no rubber bands. High flyers are nice if you decided to leave the area to do some fishing and there's a lot of other floats around yours. I use two, one at each end of our string, usually that's later in the season when we run a much longer string. Its easier to pick your string out when a area has been carpeted with buoys. When you drop your traps make a way point on your gps, be safe and enjoy,,,gregg

kris k
10-31-2014, 09:30 PM
Be careful using a downrigger ball as your weight. If it shifts it could cause the pot to turn sideways on the decent. I use 4 lb lead bars in each corner. Maby zip tie 40 Oz trolling weights to each corner.

I've never had a problem finding my buoys. Gotta make sure you zoom way in before making your way point on the location tho. Ensures accurate pick up.

Good resource for picking a spot is Google earth. You can use it to supplement your chart in seeing nice flat bottom area. If you pull rock crabs, may be wise to shift the pot.

as for pirates. I splice small razor blades to the rope at fixed intervals which I memorize. Use blue 65 lb braid to sew them in. Combined with the salt water they are a very effective deterrent

11-08-2014, 10:15 AM
Very good info folks, and very much appreciated, will give it a shot and let you know!