View Full Version : Bodega 10/9

11-10-2014, 02:55 PM
Dropped 6 pots off the river and ran up to Fort Ross for 3 hrs of fishing. The 5 of us managed 6 lings to 12lbs and a cooler full of rockies. Came back to pull pots at 12:30 and first one was raided...door open 2 small females left. Luckily the remaining 5 were stuffed. Ended up with 5 limits of jumbos throwing back 29 legal males. Thought briefly about leaving the pots out for a mid week pick up, but there is just too much shenanagians going on out there. Even back in the parking lot, our neighbor cooked and clean forty crab, had them in the back of his truck, went to clean some fish to return to a stolen icechest! Time for some redneck justice!

11-10-2014, 03:08 PM
Good times for you guys.

I heard about that cooler of stolen crab! Unless it's a second one hit.

Low life scum stealing crabs!

Take care,

dennis l
11-10-2014, 03:35 PM
Sounded like a great trip that was fun until the dirt-bags payed you a visit. Wish there was a way to pay back those who do things like that. Public Stocks and signs I'm a THIEF and a dirt-bag. Heck if some-one need something to eat that bad I'd be more than willing to help out.