View Full Version : Seeker Super Moocher Quick tape up build

Valley Fisherman
02-01-2015, 11:23 PM
Well, I finally got the 9' two piece Seeker Super Moocher blank. I just did a barebones tape up of guides, butt cap, and plate reel seat to get a feel for it. I did a spiral wrap using a slow transition of 5 guides since I want to be able to distance cast a bit with it. I was impressed with initial finding and I noticed no noise or bunching using my Abu 6501 using 30 lb braid and short 20 lb mono topshot/casting leader.

Rod is rated 12-30 lb line but it doesn't have a lure rating so next up I'm going to do testing to see what the best weight is to cast and also how it feels if I put an Abu 7001 with 65 lb braid and 40 lb mono topshot.

The butt guide is a fuji BLCAG-12M 50 cm from reel. Second guide is BKWAG-6J 16 cm out. Spiral transition happens in 9" from the 0 degree KW-6 mentioned above to three BKBAG-6J spaced out about 45, 90, and 135 degrees. Spiral was adjusted under full static test load so the above degrees vary. The last 180 degree guide and first running guide is a KB-6 with the remaining 8 running guides BKTAG-6J to a BMNAT-6 top.

Here are some pics let me know what you think and if all goes well I will finish it with chocolate colored thread but I still don't know what grips I will do, if any. I'm actually going to go fishing with it soon before I have a chance to finish it just to see how it feels. I made sure I tape it snugly just in case for the mean time. Oh, this whole setup without the reel weights in about 8 3/4 oz.