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02-03-2015, 01:24 PM

Wow Very Nice

02-03-2015, 01:59 PM
That thing is huge!

Reel Fun
02-04-2015, 08:25 AM
Nice bull! I have seen a guy with a crossbow that had a scope hit a paper plate at 100 yrds 5 times in a row! I consider them the same as a rifle.....I bet a 30-30 would have a hard time outshooting that crossbow!

02-04-2015, 10:25 AM
Aka short range rifle. Neat I guess, but in the same category as a rifle kill in my book.

02-04-2015, 12:57 PM
I love the libtard comments that is quickly becoming more prevalent in Montana.

02-04-2015, 01:58 PM
I love the libtard comments that is quickly becoming more prevalent in Montana.
Former Californian's, move to other better western states to escape California, then they tell enough of their friends about how much better these places are and their awful friends invade. They "love" it, in fact they love it so much they join political action groups and turn it into another bastion of leftist ideology

02-04-2015, 05:52 PM
Fantastic elk no matter how it was taken.

As far as the crossbow comments I am not sure where to start. Can you think of ANY hunting situation where you would think a crossbow is as effective at 75 yards as a 30-30? Forget about a 30-06.
Lets see do we need to worry about steep angles with a rifle at 75 yards? NO
Do we worry about wind at 75 yards with a rifle? No
If a follow up shot were needed would that be a problem with a rifle? Usually not, no chance with a crossbow.
If the angle is not perfect is it a huge problem with a rifle? Sometimes yes sometimes not so much. You should Never take a less than perfect angled shot with a crossbow.
If the animal is walking is that a problem with a rifle at close range? Not with a good shooter. HUGE problem with a crossbow.

Obviously guys I shoot a crossbow and so can you during legal gun seasons. How many would rather carry a crossbow during rifle season than your rifle? I think none. But if you want to go ahead you can legally hunt deer in Ca. with one during rifle seasons.
I hunt with a handful of archers that shoot conventional compound bows and I can tell you that past 50 yards my bolts drop like a rock. They have pins set at 75 yards and can shoot very well out to 75 yards and beyond. I was shocked when I started shooting beyond 60 yards and realized I had no chance with my bolt trajectories compared to their arrows. I have $1200+ invested and my bolt speed is 330 but they shoot circles around me. I have seen hunting shows where a mule deer is taken at well over 100 yards with a bow and a whitetail also at over 100 yards. That is not typical I grant you but neither is someone hitting a paper plate at 100 yards with a crossbow. Just for grins last summer I tried a 100 yard shoot and bounced my bolt 5-10 feet in front of my target and that was putting my 50 yard site at the top of the hay bale. Bolts are too expensive to try that again. In a true hunting situation the ONLY advantage that I think I might have over a bow is mine is already cocked and I can aim for as long as I can hold a 10 pound crossbow up waiting for the shot. I found out though that the act of raising that crossbow to aim will scare the deer just as much as the guy who needs to draw. Now if I walk around aiming my 10 pound crossbow all of the time with it on my shoulder maybe I can shoot faster than a guy can draw. In the real world that does not happen.
Just some thoughts guys on how deadly a crossbow really is. Given a choice I would go back to a compound bow in a heartbeat but that ain't gonna happen so it is what it is. Nobody I hunt with now would rather hunt with a crossbow than a compound bow. Most of them have shot mine and think it is kinda cool but they are not interested in hunting with it over their compounds.

02-04-2015, 06:32 PM
Good perspective from a crossbow guy, John.

I hunted with a recurve a long time ago and I agree any gun is easier to take an animal with vs. any type of bow. Not gonna start splitting hairs on ease of any bow platform since I haven't tried them all. I'll just say that is a great Elk!

As to the comments on the article, bangtime, I learned awhile back to never even read them! Always too many pot stirrers with opinions and motives that just take away from the main point.



02-04-2015, 07:02 PM
I am not against X-bows at all, if thats what you took from my comment I think you're getting it wrong. They have their place, they are a tool like the rest of the tools we use to harvest game with.

That being said they take far far less skill to take a big game animal with then a compound or recurve or longbow.

I think the title has a little bit of "hey I used a bow I'm awesome" ring to it. I get it, brings in more views. But I still consider them a short range rifle.

The comments on the article are lame, but you have to realize those people that make them have an agenda, and too much time on their hands.

Hunt strong,


P.S. out of curiosity, why do you feel a X-bow is less lethal than a Compound? It's all about arrow FPS and the right broadhead, right?

02-04-2015, 08:19 PM
I am not saying they are less lethal. What I am saying is they have no greater effective killing range than a compound bow. They have advantages and disadvantages like any other weapon. Saying that they can shoot further is just a blanket statement that you can read over and over and in a hunting situation it simply is not true. They can be sighted in and they can hold that zero just like a rifle so yes if making a good shot with less practice is a huge advantage then sure it is an advantage. You do not need to shoot 20-30 arrows a day to get your form just right because they are not as dependent on the perfect form to hit the target. Form does matter but it is not as critical. On the down side they are very noisy and spook the game far more than a compound does so game can "jump the string" with a crossbow more than they might with another bow. When people compare them to a rifle is where I see the problem.
Maybe my real life hunt this year will give you a better idea. I spotted a couple of forkies at 100+ yards and decided to try to sneak in on them. I got settled in behind a log and waited for them to feed back out after I managed to cut the distance by about 1/2. I ran out of cover and decided I could not get closer. After a few minutes one of the bucks fed out into an opening, I ranged him at 75 yards and he spotted me. After a couple of minutes he trotted off and I only have a 50 yard sight as my farthest one and I consider 75 yards out of the question for my set up anyway. I waited and eventually buck # 2 fed out and he immediately spotted me. He was closer and I felt he was ready to bolt so I decided I did not have time to range him. I had ranged the other one at 75 and thought for sure that the second buck was 25 yards closer. I used my 50 yard sight. I shot right over his back and watched him run away. I sat there and wondered what happened. I ranged the tree he was in front of at 33 yards. He was only 30 yards away and I made a bad mistake on guessing. With a rifle I could have tagged both bucks if I wanted. A crossbow is nothing like a rifle other than possibly the sights could be similar.
I doubt any one on this forum has killed a big game animal at 1200 yards but there is an add on TV by Savage arms where a guy rings a small gong at 1200 yards every time. Are all guns now capable of 1200 yards or is that just a demonstration? My point is simply that just because someone can shoot a crossbow very effectively in a demonstration does not mean a crossbow is an effective long range hunting weapon. Have you ever seen the old trick shooter shoot aspirin out of the air with his long bow? Ever seen anyone hit a bulls eye at 200 yards with a bow? Are bows now a 200 yard weapon?
Yes I can pick up my crossbow right now and go hit my target at 35 yards with virtually no practice because of the sighting system. I may be more accurate than I would be with a compound bow but it will not take game at greater distances. Is accuracy in a bow a bad thing or is it only bad because I do not have to shoot as many shots to become accurate? I do not use a scope by the way but only because who needs a scope for a deer at under 50 yards?
I only have a problem when people compare it to a gun for killing power or effective range. It is not a gun. If you think I have an unfair advantage over the typical compound shooter in my opinion that is incorrect. I could give more real life hunting situations but we would be here all night. Two quick things however. One they are so effective that I have not taken anything with mine yet and I have tried. Two is while hunting pigs and missing for whatever reason when more pigs run out the crossbow guy has no chance at the next pig, the compound guy had plenty of time to get another shot.
I really do not think as hunters we should argue about how we hunt it gives the antis just more ammo to use against us.
My apologies they were life savers not aspirin. I just watched a compound bow guy shoot to 300 yards on You Tube and pop a balloon. Furthest shot I could find on a crossbow was 200 yards. Now I am just being stupid or silly but I hope you will at least consider the fact or at least what I consider to be a fact that crossbows are not more effective at taking game than compounds at long ranges. It is all about the shooter and in the crowd I run with I am middle of the pack at best for accuracy at ranges to 50. Beyond that I ain't even gonna try I have seen them shoot. Now with my rifle there are times I am the lead dog and since I am way older I have taken more big game than anyone else I hunt with and second place isn't even in the rear view mirror yet.

02-04-2015, 09:58 PM
I am fortunate enough to have a range in my backyard where I practice shooting 3-4 times a week, sometimes more. I love my compound. Until two years/seasons ago I had never hunted big game, nor shot a bow. The bow made me a far better hunter than I could of ever dreamed of. I wish I would of discovered it sooner.

The only buck I ever took I shot over him once, he trotted 10 yards and stopped....I did not miss the second time, double lung.

This year the only legal buck I saw I shot over, and he bolted to kingdom come. But got a chocolate phase brown bear during rifle this year.

I have a archery buck and a rifle bear under my belt, I'm eager to hit it this year.

Not trying to argue or be abrasive, the internet and text is a hard way to have a convo sometimes. I am 110% pro hunting no matter what you use.

Peace, Bigs


02-04-2015, 10:14 PM
You would never have had a second chance shot with a crossbow. It takes forever to load one and they make more noise than a compound by far. They are really good at spooking animals. Do not miss because there is no second chance. I also have a range at home but because of some physical issues I shoot a couple of times per week during the season and only 5 or so bolts per time. More than that and I cannot shoot again for a long time. That is why I fish soft plastics slowly. Cannot fish crank baits or swim baits for very long at all.
Check your PMs.

02-17-2015, 12:03 PM
Cowabanga dude. Wow!!!