View Full Version : advertising a derby ?

04-01-2007, 07:57 AM
what are the correct channels to advertise a derby on the boards, don't want to get locked or shut down. we have simply posted before an where fine. the past year has seen a lot of changes, can you please piont me in the right direction.

04-01-2007, 08:25 AM
All commercial Tourneys, Exhibit Shows and Seminars belong on the events calendar. Send the events letter OR e-mail it to Deborah (click Forum Admin on this board). Don't send a PM. She will review and post it on the events calendar if she feels that it is appropriate.

The reason for this policy is that advertising from commercial enterprses is what allows us to access these boards for free. Any tourney or event that generates revenue is a commercial event. So they would normally be required to pay to advertise in order to be fair to the businesses that do pay to advertise on the sniffer site. Non-profit or charitable events are allowed on the sniffer events calender for free at the discretion of the sniffer admins.

Events where no money is involved (such as sniffer fests) can be posted on the boards. Members can discuss commercial events on the forums, but it is not appropriate to copy an advertisement or to post a web link without specific permission from the sniffer admins.