View Full Version : Phenix Abyss PSX 807

03-17-2015, 10:16 PM
Was doing a search on this particular blank and came across this site as it seems like many of you here lare using this rod. I am looking at this blank to bottom fish for Blackfish on the east coast. Looks like many of guys here use them to sturgeon fish.
For those of you who may not know Blackfish are crafty bait stealers that will change how they bite based on various factors. Very frustrating to most as they spend to much swing at fish only to come up with empty hooks. Lot of F bombing going on when on blackfish boat. Looking for blank with the following characteristics. Soft tip as do not want fish to feel any resistance when he is investigating your crab as fish many times will back of your bait if it feels any resistance. Moderate action absorbs the shock when fish bulldogs it way to try to get back to rocks and wrecks that he lives. Eliminates pulled hooks and dropped fish. You then need some power on the back end to turn fish up and not let it get back down to his home.

Curious to hear what you guys like about the blank and possibly dislike as I have not seen anybody on east coast fishing these blanks. The laser etching on the blank is pretty funky as I have not seen that before an any other blanks. Would like to see pictures of finished custom rods built on the Abyss series to see what color combos you are using that work with that blank

Looking forward to hearing what you guys and gals have to say