View Full Version : Yes They Are!

04-20-2015, 05:59 AM
Fished Verona into the evening on Saturday, and the shad are here! Among the ones caught, I got the biggest male I have ever seen, and the smallest egg laden female as well. Using a small pink grub and split shot tossed out to the side and letting it drift, or just tossing it back behind the boat and very, very slowly reeling it in. I also had a high low rig out with typical shad darts in yellow, chartreuse, and green, but other than a couple hits they were not interested in it. I think it would have nailed them if I had set it up with pink grubs.
I saw others catching as well, so it's time to go get 'em.

Saw a few large striper splashes so they are up there also.