View Full Version : Silver Lake 5-2-2015

05-04-2015, 03:57 PM
Go to Silver just past 6am to a primarily empty lake. 1 little jon boat beat us to the ramp, but that was it. Lake hat a little breeze on it, but is full and beautiful

Started trolling right out of the spillway/ramp area, and got 2 hits right away. Neither stuck though, so we headed to the SW corner where we slayed them last year. Trolled for 3 hours and only managed 1 take down. Was a real nice fish, but my netting skills were a little rusty and I messed him, and off he went. Felt awful to lose a nice fish. Tried all different patterns of needlefish, rapalas, worms behind flashers, but it was tough going.

Decided to head back to the east shore and I put a white grub on. Well it took about 1 hour to get our limits+. Mostly just stockers, but fun to catch. Wind came up pretty strong and it really was pushing us around. I ended up taking 5 home for dinner and released several more.

Sorry no pictures, but for some reason (probably the wind) I didn't even break out the camera.