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05-10-2016, 10:03 PM
Got on my buddy's boat as crew this afternoon for a shad and striper try. Went to Verona but when we got there it was crickets. Usually many many boats this time of year but only 3 or 4 today; I didn't get the notice that fishing sucked.

We had shad rigs ready and also live minnows for stripers. Turns out we should have gone for sturgeon, steelhead or unicorns. Not a single shad to be had for us or the other boats and just one shaker stripe for us on the minnows. Highlight was when the Serb's ultra lite shad rod went down hard and stayed down with a zzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggg drag sound! He grabbed the rod like a champ and watched a fish go downstream at mach 10 and then *pop* busted off. Springer salmon, sturgeon, or mama striper?? Oh well. We did see a few LARGE striper spawning on the surface so I guess they are there but largely uninterested in feeding.

Water came up about 3 feet from the weekend and was dirty. We made contact with my homie Bmoocher and exchanged intel for what it was worth.

Next time...


05-11-2016, 06:00 AM
I spotted about 25 boats anchored at the mouth of the American River between Discovery Park and the water tower yesterday. Something is definitely going on in that area.

05-11-2016, 07:43 AM
Those folks are catching shad, at least the ones that the sea lions aren't getting.


05-11-2016, 03:15 PM

Discovery is ok right now. I managed to land 7 and lose 3 from the bank within 2 hours on Mon.(I know not a lot but still) The bite was sparse though. You get one after another and then everything goes dead for everyone around including boaters. 3 sea lions were working the area.