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05-23-2016, 06:52 AM
I made my first dedicated shad fishing trip in a boat in about 30 years yesterday. We anchored about 200 yards below the minnow hole in about 18 feet of water towards the Yolo side of the river. This area is a few miles upstream of Garcia Bend on the Sacramento River in Sacramento.

The outgoing tide got going at about 8:00 am. My goal was to get enough shad to can, and we met it. We had steady action with 8 shad landed, about ten missed hits, and one lost from dawn until 10:00 am. I didn't see any bankies in sight fishing for shad. We did see one guy on the shore landing a shad just as we motored up stream from the launch at dawn.

We were using a two leader setup with a 2 ounce sinker on the bottom as depicted here if you scroll down to the 'Deep Water Boat Setup' image on the right:

I was using about six inch leaders with size 8 octopus hooks. Most of our fish came on the really small size white grubs. I was running my kokanee rods, and would just start reeling like crazy if the tip dipped down. That seemed to work okay, but we did miss quite a few. Still a few kinks to work out. My dad held his rod and slowly jigged it up and down rock-fishing style. The rods in the holders actually caught more fish. We also tried casting the spinning outfits but had no results on those.

We had to clear moss and debris off of the lures about every ten minutes, as it would build up. All but one of the fish came on the top grub, which was about two feet from the bottom. We got fish on rods dropped straight down, and a few on rods cast back about 20-30 feet. As the schools came through, the rods furthest back would get bit first, then the other rods would follow. I think some of the missed hits were just line hits from schools coming through. We had one double. You could really see how they some through in thick schools, then disappear.

We had some party-boat style tangles, so we started clearing the other rods when a fish looked like it might swim into the other rods. This happened a few times initially.

Tide: Outgoing
Weather: cool and sunny
Lures: White small grub was best. One on green, one on pink.
Depth: 18 feet
Area: Minnow Hole, Sacramento River

Two nice ones

Here is the spread

My son with a fresh shad

05-23-2016, 08:16 AM
Nice report. That's interesting having them hit the back poles first as they move through.

05-23-2016, 09:32 AM
Good going.

Size 8 hooks, eh? I've been using size 1 Owner hooks with about a 50% shad hook up ratio. I was thinking about downsizing a bit but size 8 sounds super small.

05-24-2016, 11:41 AM
that was an awesome, very detailed report.


05-24-2016, 01:02 PM
Great report. Thanks for the information!!! Nice to see the little one out enjoying the fishing trip. Size 8 seems just about right for those little mouths. Keep up the good work.