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Captain Compassion
05-27-2016, 07:42 PM

This is the time of year where we celebrate the fruits of the stocking truck both state and private. The crowds are starting to pour in for the first long weekend of the tourist season. Time for us locals to to check the quality of the fish before the local waters are emptied over Memorial Day weekend.

On Wednesday Jetspray and I arrived up on the West Carson at 1200. Water flows were down but cold and the color good. We checked around and saw no fish at any location. We parked up 0n the 89 bridge to see if anything would happen. A local LEO passing buy say that there was a stock coming. While we were waiting Untalan1 arrived and decided to fish with us. Just as the rain started the Alpine County folks arrived with a stock. We fished for them but they were slow to wake up and the cold rain drove us from the water.

West Carson in Great Shape

Untalan1 Arrives

Lowering Sky

Alpine County Help

Nothing Yet for Dave

Efren in the Rain
On Thursday at 0700 Efren and I arrived at Dave's place and we were joined by Nighthawk. We headad up to the 89 Bridge on the W. Carson. We fished below the bridge for 3 hours The fishh were hitting a little. Tom had the hot hand with the sissy stick ketting 6 fat bows on a small ConeHead Collector streamer. A pattern tied by The Angler's Edge a local fly shop. Dave added 5 more. We spent the rest of the morning driving around looking at other spots.

Thursday Morning

First one for Tom

Another One On

Quick Release

One for Dave

Checking Out Crystal Springs

BS on the Bridge

Captain Compassion
05-27-2016, 07:43 PM
On Friday we decided to head south down to the W. Walker. We found the West Walker high, fast and a greenish color. We made some casts below the 395 bridge but the current made fishing difficult. We tried upstream below the Sonora Bride. Here it was a little better but an hour of fishing only got us one small trout. Next we headed back north and over Monitor Pass to the East Carson. We tried fishing below the Hwy 4 Bridge but a heavy current made it difficult. Finally we made a stop on the West Carson at Woodsfords. Were weren't able to pick up anything under the bridge. For the most part the weather was nice. The rivers cold and high. Seems to me that a lot fewer fish were stocked than in previous years. Guess that's a sign of the times. Dave, Efren, Tom. It was nice to fish with you guys as always. I'll spend the rest of the holiday weekend licking my wounds and burning dead critters on the grill.

395 Bug Station

West Walker Wide and Fast

At the Sonora Bridge

Or Only Fish of the Day

On Monitor Pass


Wild East Carson

Tom Under the Bridge