View Full Version : Jackson Meadows 8/24

08-26-2016, 09:49 AM
Arrived at the lake a little after 6 am -- only one other boat on the water. The ramp is low, but still very usable with dock in the water. Fished up the long river arm. Started toplining with red and blue Tasmanian devils. Hooked and landed 2 nice cutthroat in the first 20 minutes -- both about 15 inches. That was it for the next hour or so. We kept seeing nice marks in the middle of the lake at 40 feet. We slowed down and went to garden hackle -- I put a worm on a rainbow Uncle Larry's Spinner behind cannonball flashers at 40 feet -- and wham! A nice fat 18 inch cutt. Thought we had it figured out -- but no, that was it for another hour or 2. Around noon we kept seeing lots of big marks out in the middle of the lake -- in 75 to 100 feet of water -- trolled the whole tackle box through them. Finally caught 2 more about 14 inches -- one on orange #5 Flatfish, and one on a blue silver Apex. 7 fish for the day, but can't wait to get back when it cools and turns over. Hopefully all those "big marks" will start eating.