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09-20-2016, 12:44 PM
Hello All,

Myself, my father and older brother took a trip up to Lake Almanor this past weekend (Fished Fri, Sat and Sun). I was not real hopeful for this trip as the Moon Phase was going to be full the entire time, but sometime you cant pick your vacation by the Moon Phase, plus you never know what will happen.

It had been a very, very long time since we last fished this lake, so we decide to hire a guide for the first day (Friday), so we hire Doug Neal. Heard and read, nothing but great things about him, and let me tell you, they are all true. Doug is a great guy, and knows his stuff. We met Doug on the West shore at the Forest service ramp by Prattville at 6. We went out and trolled speedy shiners. Wtihin the first 15 min of trolling we had a fish on (2lb rainbow). I told my older brother (who does no fish) to grab it, and we had one in the boat. I thought Hmmm this might be a good day. Unfortunately that was the only action we had the whole day, and the whole weekend for that matter. With Doug we mainly stayed on the West portion of the lake, trolling around Prattville, and the peninsula around Rec 2 going at different depths.

The next we used our own boat, launched at the same launch area (since this launch was like 2 miles from the PGE cabin we stayed in by Prattville. We used our downriggers in what I imaged to be the same area as the day before. tolled speedy shiners in Gold and red, and silver and chartreuse with pro cure trophy trout going about 2.5-3mph. Got not hits, and barely marked anything on the FF. we took a ride over to the Hamilton branch area and tried soaking some bait, but again no love.

Sunday we tried launching at the canyon dam, trolled in and out of Geritol Cove with some smaller spoons for no love, we tried over by Rocky Point, and then motor to the East Side,m what I am pretty sure was the Dorado and Lake Cove resort. We actually saw more boats on this part of the lake trolling then what we saw on the other side of the lake. So I was optimistic, did the same thing trolled speedy shiners about 35ft down. got no love, and I couldnt really tell if other boats where doing any better. We trolled until about 1pm when we just called it a trip.

Again wasnt really anticipating much actiuon, but poverall had a great trip, had beautiful weather, saw some gorgeous sunrises, and spent quality time with my father and older brother. Below are a couple of pics that I took.

Downrigger at Sunrise (Love this Pic)


Brother with fish on


Nice 2lb Rainbow


Nice Sunrise


Momma Dear and her youngster in our camp (Like 15 ft away from us).


09-20-2016, 12:45 PM
one last pic

This is either Chip, Dale, Alvin, Simon, or Theodore trying to get himself some Hawaiian Hula Girl Tail.


09-20-2016, 01:05 PM
one last pic

This is either Chip, Dale, Alvin, Simon, or Theodore trying to get himself some Hawaiian Hula Girl Tail.



Great report. Brings back many, many fond memories (not at Almanor, but at Hogan-before they ruined it :( )

09-20-2016, 05:53 PM
Man, I have been waiting to hear about your trip.

Sorry it was slow catching. I love taking on the water photos at Almoner
and have one on my desktop.

Did Doug tell you what to expect. I know he doesn't like full moon days too.

The best thing about getting out is you were with family.:fishing5xd: