View Full Version : Fishing at the browns ravine marina, and crayfish?

01-16-2017, 07:08 PM
Not really sure if this is the place to post something like this but it seems fit to me.

Does anyone know if you are allowed to fish at the Browns Ravine marina? Like off the docks and stuff, Seems like it would be a good spot for a quick fishing trip. I know you can fish in the Browns Ravine area but I want to know if you're allowed to fish off the docks in the marina.

Also I want to start trapping some crayfish, I bought a trap at bass pro. I read the regs and it seems like the trap is fine, its under 3 feet etc. But I have some more questions, #1 what am I allowed to use as bait? #2 Do I need any special tags or license or do I just need my normal fishing license? And #3 I want to use the trap at Lake Natomas, am I allowed to trap the crayfish and then use them as bait for trout/small mouth? I would not be transporting them anywhere, I would catch them at Lake Natomas and use them as bait on Lake Natomas the same day.

Thanks for the help

01-17-2017, 06:54 AM
Can't answer about fishing off the docks but I doubt it.

As for crawdads you can use normal baits such as catfood, dogfood, leftover fish heads etc. Only a fishing licence required and you can use them for bait. I'm not sure about transporting them live, but if you're on the same body of water you're OK.

Might be tough finding crawdads this time of year. They bury up in the mud during the winter months, but there may be a few around.

Good luck.

01-17-2017, 02:09 PM
Docks are usually privately owned ......I wouldn't press your luck. At the marina where my grandparents had Their boat parked they would call the sheriff and have you arrested for trespassing. The people who use it pay a monthly fee and don't take kindly to free loaders.

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