View Full Version : Cats in the American River?

08-12-2008, 03:57 PM
Hey all, I have never caught any catfish in the American River, but have seen a few places where it looks like there should be some big ones. Anyone ever catch any cats in the American river around the Sac area? Thanks in advance. ;)

08-12-2008, 11:50 PM
When I was a kid we used to hop the barbed wire fences to the irrigation canals that ran from Lake Natomas and behind the Gold River developments.

We catch a TON of bullheads in there. We never kept 'em but man there wa ssome great fishing in there. It's one of the few places I've caught suckerfish too. I've never seen those things get aggresive but they'd chase spinners we threw.

Caught a 5lb bass in there too. We scared a lizard into the water and a big honkin' largemouth swallowed it whole. Came back the next with a jig rod and floating lizards. They love 'em.

We never had a run-in with the police but I hear rangers'll chase you out of there now.

As for the main river, I've only caught cats in Arden Bar. I'd guess if you wanted to catch some you'd have to shoot for the sloughs. There's that one area where kids always jump off this bluff and adjacent to that a large slough - I bet there'd be some in there. It's about a mile downstream from the Sunrise bridge I'd guess.

08-13-2008, 09:55 AM
Thank you, tangofox1! :)