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10-28-2017, 12:35 PM
Thought Iíd share some of my 50 plus years of upland hunting experience and talk a little about essentials to carry in your hunting vest. I know everyone has their own ideas and the list could go to 100 items or more but Iíll just cover a couple things that you shouldnít leave home without. Ammo is obvious so I wonít put it on the list
1) Toilet tissue, the reason is obvious. I carry a quarter roll, it takes very little room.
2) Small pair of binoculars. Lots of uses for this from glassing for birds to locating your truck when your a ways away from it. Lots of other uses too.
3) Compass, this has saved my a$$ twice. Once I was about a mile from my truck when a heavy tule fog rolled in and remained all day. I couldnít see more than a few feet. Couldnít see the sun, didnít know east from west or north from south. I knew the road my truck was parked on was north so I just followed the compass north til I came to the road.
The other incident was similar but I got caught in a white out while jump shooting duck. The compass saved my life.
4) Knife , so many uses, I never go anywhere without a knife.
5) Insect repellant, Iíve been eaten alive especially early in the season.
There are a million other things you may think about carrying , and I carry several more but these 5 stay in my vest all year.
A few additional comments when hunting with your dog. Be sure to carry plenty of water for both you and pup. If he hasnít learned to drink by pouring a little in his mouth bring a collapsible bowl. Bring a leash, never know when you may have to leash him to control him or keep away from something. Carry 2 whistles if your dog is whistle trained.
I didnít go into things like first aid kits for dog and you, a cell phone and a gps and map etc etc. Just the basics. Iím sure some of you cane add to the basics. The above list is my starting point. It is the foundation.
Lastly hereís a tip concerning your vest. When Iím hunting for hours and hours my shotgun gets heavy. I carry it in lots of positions, often resting on my shoulder. I noticed tha from carrying it on my shoulder the shoulder of my vest would become frayed and ragged, Iíd need a new vest every 2 years or so. To solve this I got pieces of leather about 3 or 4 inches long by about 2 or 3Ē wide. Sewed them on the shoulders and now the vests last a long long time and the leather patches look pretty good.
I think hardly anybody carries a compass and if you are just hunting pheasant clubs you wonít need it. But if you are hunting big areas and you wander out of sight of your vehicle the compass could be a little life saver.
Well thatís all for now. Hope someone finds something of value here. Iíll post more hunting tips from my lengthy hunting experience in the future.

10-28-2017, 12:49 PM
Doing the same but use a bladder for 100 oz of water, bend over to wet your dog and squirts in their mouth. Routinly come back when they need water.
Treats for you and your dogs.
I have LeadNav on my phone, maps, Bing photo maps just like your car, distance, and accurate.
I'm in Nevada and remote it's hard to get a signal, better when on top of the mountain.
Does anybody have a Mother Tech. upland vest they want to sell ?? I swear by them, and nothing better is outhere. Been out of business for several years.