View Full Version : Lake Davis and Frenchmans 4-21 to 4-25

04-25-2018, 06:30 PM
Annual trip to "Frenchman's at Lake Davis" with 40 other public servants. A trip that has been taking place since 1966. Since the base camp has been moved to Lake Davis I had to try Frenchmans first. Arrived Saturday the 21st at sunrise. Lake was polished smooth but really green with garbage and shore debris. Not a bite in 5 hours and nothing but green slime on my line and lures. Talked to 3 other boats who had same result. Lake appears to be turning over.

Went to Lake Davis and joined the boys. Lake was at 100% and hatch started on the 20th per my friend. My boat was caked with those flies every day at 10:00.Very slow until 1:00PM when all boats started hooking fish on the surface with gold or silver lures. this lasted about 2 hours. I landed three with one to 20." When I arrived at the lake our camp big fish was 21" 3/4.

Water temp on day one was 46 degrees. Over the next 3 days, the results seemed to get better each day but the hot bite time was anyone's guess. The last two days my boat had three rods with mono and one with two colors of lead core and 20 yards leader, killed it. Twelve on one day. Finished the trip with 27 in my boat. Average fish 14-15" and returned to grow. Water was 56 degree when left. Great trip and weather. Big fish at the time of my departure today was 26". Maybe the best part was when our boss announced the capture of The Golden State Rapest!

Oh ya, Talked to Paul in the Fish Sniffer boat and hope he stopped in at the camp to chat with the guys.

04-27-2018, 06:51 PM
Nice did better than I. Went last Saturday for five took home 2. Big girl was 19.75" and 3lbs. Caught all on needle fish. :eek-new: