View Full Version : 4/28 San Pablo Bay Halibut Fishing

04-28-2018, 01:33 PM
Got a late start this morning and launched out of Richmond marina around 8am. Headed south and trolled Berkeley flats for a bit... hoochie behind an 8Ē pro-troll flasher on one rod and a krokodile behind another pro-troll on my kids rod. Nothing happening there, so we headed towards Alcatraz cause my kid just went there for a field trip and he wanted to show it to me. After that we headed north and drifted a couple anchovies in 20-30ft water off Angel Island. Just made one drift and we then headed to Paradise Park area off Tiburon. Spent the remainder of our time there drifting amongst a few other boats. Didnít see any fish on anybodyís boat. About noon we called it quits cause I saw the marine forecast had been updated and called for small craft advisory in San Pablo and San Francisco Bay. Of the 3 other boats I talked to at the Richmond marina, 1 had two butts, nothing for the other 2 boats. I wanted to drift around between the marina and Brooks Island... but my kid was done, ready to get home and play on his X-Box.
Wish I had something more exciting to say, but it was slow. Iím debating heading to Tomales soon or not. For a small boat like mine, Tomales is much more comfortable. But itís more of a drive and I havenít heard ANYTHING about how the fishing has been inside the bay.

04-28-2018, 06:08 PM
Good source for Tomales reports.


04-29-2018, 07:56 AM
Have you ever launched by the high school in Alameda?Its kinda of a sketchy launch and requires 2 people usually due to the short dock but I have launched there several times with my Alumaweld and before with my little Bayrunner.It has you right at the foot of the ARW.I used to tow my bayrunner across the bridge to OP also (it was only a 15).Tomales is a haul for me too as I live in Tracy so I'm kind of reluctant to go for Halibut all the way up there except its a nice change of scenery.Maybe I will give it a shot one this summer.It would be nice to see some reports and get a little intel on the area but the lawsons site is about it as its rare to see a report from there on any of the pages.It takes several if not many trips to get dialed in on a specific fishery in a certain locale and thats too far for me to work on it :( Good luck if you go and hope to see a report of a lunker!!