View Full Version : Discovery/Miller Area 4/27/2018

05-01-2018, 10:38 AM
Made it back out plunking for shad from the boat on Friday. The bite was slow, but we managed to get seven shad to the boat, while losing one and had four missed hits.

We started above the I Street Bridge, where the current was really slow, even on the outgoing tide. In 8 feet of water, we needed less than one ounce to stay on the bottom. In fact, I was not able to back bounce one ounce very far behind the boat. After two fish, we moved below Miller Park in 16 feet of water.

We managed one shad in our new spot, and headed back to the original area. Out in the middle of the river the current was really fast, and we picked up two fish. We moved in, and landed several more. We even had one lost fish above Discovery Park across from the restaurants.

Water Temperature: 64 degrees
Weather: Windy, partially cloudy
Lure: Dick Nite spoons and small 1 inch grubs
Depth: 8 and 16 feet
Tide: mostly outgoing, caught very start of incoming
River Level at I Street bridge: 7 feet
Visibility: about 2.5 feet, clear

My buddy with an early morning shad

05-01-2018, 10:57 AM
I'm going to be trying from shore at Miller this afternoon. Hoping I can get into them.