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07-15-2018, 11:28 AM
Hey everyone,
Greyson wanted to go fishing again so we decided on a half day Friday 7/13/18. I didn’t feel like being out in the heat all day, and the Mrs wanted to have a family day in the afternoon.

We headed out to Los Vaqueros, and got there by 7:45am. Lots of shore fisherman, but not as bad as last time. As luck would have it our spot from last month was open. We set up shop with power bait on three rods, and anchovies for the 4th. Word around the shore was it was a slow day with not too many fish caught.

Within 30 minutes Greyson yells “we got a bite”, and stuck our first fish. Greyson reeled in a nice 2lb trout. Not only was this the same spot overall, but that rod was in the same spot where we caught 3 out of our 4 fish last time. Maybe 20-30 minutes later Greyson yells “Dad the bobber is going up slowly on that same rod again. I think that’s a bite.” A few minutes later and a another 2lb-er is on the stringer.

First two fish within an hour.

Celebratory toast with Coke.

About 30 minutes later Greyson once again yells “Dad we got another bite!” At first he thought we lost it, but turns out the fish swam straight towards us, and he wasn’t quite a large as the others, maybe 1.5lbs. Took a little bit for Greyson to catch up to it reeling it in.

That was it for us. Three fish between 8-9:30am. We may have had two more bites, but not sure. The bobbers dropped a bit, and it could have been a bite or the wind. When we checked their was nothing there, and the bait was intact. Left by 12pm when it started getting hot. I think the heat got to Greyson a littel bit. He was sweating a bit, and when I said time to go he did not try and work it for more time like usual Four guys to our right had one striper and one trout for 8 rods. Guys to our left were all skunked.

That same rod in the same spot nailed all 3 fish. Don’t know what’s down there, but I think we found a little honey hole for us.

Our catch: the last fish we caught had no spots on the body and a few faded ones on the tail.

Traditional celebration:

Saw this osprey that hung out for over an hour on this tree:

Total: 3 trout all on power bait. No luck on the striper rod today.
Weather: warm and a little muggy to start, 91 by the time we left.

Another great day with my son!!


07-15-2018, 11:46 AM
Great report, great pics, great time with your son, doesn’t get better than that.

07-16-2018, 12:28 PM
Great job, awesome Dad!

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07-16-2018, 07:03 PM
Great report and story! Fantastic way to spend time with your son!!!