View Full Version : Trout fishing in the Twain Harte area September 1st

StikMan Modesto CA
09-01-2018, 07:00 PM
Packed up the boat and headed up the hill early this morning to go trout fishing in the Twain Harte area. Caught 8 trout on salmon eggs. Headed down the hill about 10 in the morning and went to New Melones to catch a few Bass. Fish from around 11 until 2 and caught about five keeper black bass that were released. There weren't many people out fishing but there were plenty of boats. I have a short comment about boating safety and where I think the future will lead. Everybody has a right to use the Lakes. Recreational water sports has changed over the past few years. When I skied you wanted the lowest boat wake possible for slalom water skiing. Nowadays they want to create the largest wake possible for tricks or the new surfing without a tow line. We may not see a change until somebody gets seriously hurt on the water and unfortunately that's kind of how things play out sometimes. There will be a day when everybody has to be responsible for their boat wake and damage it causes two structures or its involvement in a boating incident where an injury occurs. Until that day comes a little common courtesy goes a long ways. Alright haven't you said that guy is have a nice day it was a great day it was like riding a bull sometimes but it was a great day. Have a good 3 Day weekend see you stick man

09-05-2018, 06:53 AM
Where did you go in the Twain Harte area?..not too many places to get a boat in the water(pinecrest?)

09-05-2018, 09:39 AM
Nice report. I agree regarding the water sports people today. I was an avid slalom skier back in the day. We were always careful and courteous to other boaters and fishermen. Now a days you see a bunch of inept, discourteous, inattentive idiots who have total disregard for all others. Making it even worst is their loud sound systems blasting out crap that I find difficult to call music. Add alcohol to the mess and you have a potentially disastrous situation.
The few who are courteous and attentive boat drivers seem to be young parents out skiing with their kids. Being retired I like to be able to fish during the week when I can avoid the craziness on the weekends.