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09-20-2018, 05:46 AM
How is the fishing inside the valley? I heard it is all barbless and artificial once inside the park. Can anyone confirm this? I never had much luck fishing Yosemite when I was younger (25 years ago) and wondering if I should stick to hiking trails instead of hunting for fish.??

i donít have time to really get out and explore all the lakes on the east side because this is a family trip and my wife would be pissed if I took off all day and went fishing.

09-22-2018, 02:46 PM
There are much better places to fish than Yosemite itself, just east of the park in/near saddlebag lake in that drainage area, lots of lakes in range of short hikes. Lee vining creek has been good in past. But if you're limited to just inside the park, the Merced once it leaves the valley is ok, three years ago I caught & released a few in 10-12 inch range. Find areas that flow at a pretty good clip, if the water is too slow the fish get a real good look at your presentation and know it's a phoney, after all millions of people visit the park every year and the fish have seen everything in the book tossed at them, so don't expect much. I don't believe they plant in the park, it's all self sustaining. 25 years ago when I was a kid, I used to find decent action at the happy isles bridge. I would wait until dusk, then they would gather under the bridge area and feed like mad for 30 minutes before it got too dark. But that place is like ground zero to the most popular hiking trails in the park. Hope you find some action. And yes it is all barbless and all wild fish. When there you might hear something about the yellow legged frog, which is a whole another story.

09-22-2018, 05:54 PM
The Valley can be good fishing, depends on what quality of fish you are seeking. The Merced river did suffer some drought mortality below the park but there are still some trout.

The back country can be excellent for wild brookies, rainbows, goldens and one lake even has cutts but hiking is required and certain lakes have been netted to eradicate all trout. Seems the little yeller frogs have the park's attention.

I know there is a lake on the south side of the hwy below Tioga pass which has decent fishing. Its easy to access but lots of bears hang around that lake. Don't leave anything in your vehicle or you will have a major auto insurance claim. Lols!