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Captain Compassion
12-27-2018, 05:05 PM
5 days until Topaz Lake opens for fishing. Jetspray and I took a little trip down there to see what's what. We found the lake at a level of 4988 feet. This is around 17 feet lower than this time last year. The lake was totally free of ice and there was no snow around the shore. First we visited the West Shore south of the Bug Station. We found access along the shore excellent with the dirt access road off of US 395 in good shape. Next we visited the North Shore. There was lots of access for shore fishermen. Although there was no posted notices at the access road There were notices all along the north shore prohibiting camping, fires and vehicular access. To fish the North Shore you will have to park along the road and walk down unless you want to risk some kind of ticket. We went into the Park to check it out. Fees seem to be as they were last year. We checked the launch and found both docks in the water with plenty of water over the ramp to allow the launching of any size boat. The dirt road along the east shore seemed to be open all the way. Things look good for the opener. See you out there. Thanks for the ride Dave.



South Shore



North Shore



Topaz Lake Park


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12-27-2018, 09:13 PM
It was a nice ride over and a good day to look. Rumor has it that the signs may be enforced, wonder how that will happen. We were able to get down to the launch thanks to a crew that was installing a awning at the store and I think they are re-vamping the showers and toilets too. Since the park is by reservation only maybe the "Keep your RV, Boat, Trailer crowd will dwindle and they will actually have customers who use the store this time......Jetspray

12-28-2018, 05:49 AM
Oh BTW for those folks who are waiting for their registrations from Nevada I got this message......Jetspray

Thankyou for writing. The email you received was a blanket email sent to allthose with eligible vessels. Since you have registered for 2019 you candisregard any future emails you may receive. Lastly, theregistration decals were just received from the printing vendor. I wouldexpect your 2019 registration decals to be mailed next week from Dallas, Texas. However your 2018 registration is valid to the end of January ifyou decide to recreate.

Thankyou again for your patience. If you have any additional questions or need moreinformation, please contact me.


Maureen C. Hullinger
ManagementAnalyst III
Data and TechnologyServices
Nevada Department ofWildlife
6980 Sierra Center Parkway,Suite 120
Reno, Nevada 89511

12-28-2018, 09:06 PM
I've been OK'd for the opener by Dr Constantine of the Sierra Eye clinic, of course I have restrictions on handling weight so if I catch that 10 lb'er I will need assistance. All kidding aside hope to see some of you out there, first fishing trip of 2019 and the first for me in 2 and one half months......Jetspray

12-29-2018, 12:25 PM
Good luck to all who participate in the Topaz derby!

May the fishing Gods bless you with tight lines, smooth drags and solid hook sets! And be safe, its very cold up that way!

I plan to fish some trout derbies closer to home next spring but may venture up that way for the trout opener in late April on the CA side.

12-30-2018, 02:43 PM
Could be a chance of a slight dusting of snow in the morning of the opener, looks slight:huh:......Jetspray