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03-28-2019, 12:19 PM
I know a San Jose police officer in this "sanctuary" state of California. He let me know that they have unofficially been told when they encounter an illegal alien that has committed a traffic violation, to "take it easy" on them. Especially in terms of vehicle registration and insurance on the vehicle. If you or I drive with expired registration or no insurance, they immediately can tow the vehicle & give you a court date for a big fat fine that must be paid or we can lose our drivers license, have our vehicles registration suspended, bank account levied, or tax return garnished for said amount, and in some cases be locked up.

If an illegal doesn't have insurance, they just let them slide, because it's considered a financial hardship, good job Newsome & California. So if an illegal is caught fishing without a license, what can they do to them? Nothing!!! They don't know who they are, they can't determine their true identity, they can just make up a name for the warden & they would never know the difference. They have no papers, no I.D., if you or I don't have proper I.D. They can lock us up until they find out who we are, and if we have any wants or warrants, an illegal alien, nothing!

So next time just tell them you're an illegal alien & you're in a sanctuary state, you will walk free. I know there are a few problems with this, as most of don't look the part, but go ahead & ask a cop or warden what they would do under those circumstances, which is total bull**** for those of us who live here, buy fishing/hunting licenses, pay taxes/fees, that some people can walk free because of their status. So is this the beginning of the end, our government giving special status to some people over others?

I'm going to try this at the next DUI checkpoint I drive through, which often happens near where I live, I'll post the results here, as I'm sure they will waive me through in a hurry just because they won't want to deal with me saying....I'm an illegal alien & refuse to answer any of their questions in Spanish.

So should we all band together & say "fishing licenses?....we don't need any stinking fishing licenses!"

03-28-2019, 12:48 PM
Funny that you should bring this up but how cheap do you think your USA citizenship is? The total goal of the "Socialists" is no different than that of the 1936 NAZI's it is to destroy what you have and point to that mystical "Rich GUY/GAL" to pay for their stuff. I always as let anyone know anything in this world which is not touched, moved, created by oil. Look up Carbon and you will see how many things are affected by that dirty oil. Do we really want to go back to horses/donkeys or anything else for transportation or do we want foreign governments to rule who and how we move forward. Blasting places like California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, does not create anything but a civil disturbance. Arm yourselves...…..Jetspray