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05-29-2006, 04:58 PM
Just wanted to warn all the sniffers and non-sniffers who read this that DF&G has been out in force at the Bypass this year. I've had direct contact with 2 different officers and have seen them just parked or driving around on other occasions. Last year I didn't see them once, but Ken aka araiderfreak posted about an unpleasant encounter with them. We've had licenses checked and our vehicle given the "walk around" ;) The officers have been very cool but we are completely legit. I was given a warning about driving down the side of the levees, so make sure you use the access roads if you want to avoid the $600 fine. Also make sure you have a delta stamp, and remember that fishing with more than one rod per angler is illegal there, even with the 2 rod stamp. I don't even setup my second rod if I have a line in the water. I personally am glad to see them out there, but I bet a lot of folks out there don't know you need a delta stamp to fish it. Hope this info helps someone avoid any trouble.

On a seperate note, the high water has cleaned up more trash than it dumped. However, people are already trying to trash it up again like they miss having it laying around. My favorite are the piles of broken glass left behind after someone target practices with their empty beer bottles. I've seen families out there and no one wants to see a kid discover a pile of broken glass by falling on it. I'd just love to see one of the drunk idiots stumble and fall into their own mess. Actually, what I'd really like to see is them clean up their messes.

05-29-2006, 06:33 PM
Its the same way out in Stockton on 8 mile. It just sucks that people can't seem to pick up their own trash. I see alot of rusted hooks and like you said ALOT of broken glass.