View Full Version : folsom cats...

07-19-2005, 06:41 PM
hey folks, the mad russian and i went to folsom early sunday morning for some of those hard to find cats out there. well we were pleasently surprised by the numbers we caught, alot of fish in the twelve to sixteen inch range but we did manage a couple of five pounders, our location was across from granite bay launch at the rattlesnake bar campground, just east of the boat ramp we hit a school of them it seemed, there are two trees in the water and they seemed to be holding there, also right around the corner back in the cove we caught several more, a total of about twenty fish, we left at eleven thirty am, due to boat traffic, not bad for a day at folsom, also caught several small perch and 3 bass to 16 inches. lakes full but get there early or youll be fighting the boats and jetskiers for a fishing hole good luck..