View Full Version : Lake of the Woods Muskie and Walleye

09-05-2007, 11:22 AM
Going to Canada for Muskies. I need gear.

Is a 7-7 1/2 ft casting rod like a Uglt stick ok??
How about reel. I need to cast big plugs, on heavy line.
Abu Garcia 6600 type reel ??? What type of line? They have leaders at the lodge and told me 80lb test is what they use. Is this 80lb mono spiderwire??? What would you use???

I will bring my trout gear for the walleye but will re-line with some good 10lb. Is this ok??

They said to grab some jig heads for fishing a leech. Are they talking about a bass style jig head??

Im shoping this weekend so all quick replys are appreciated.


09-05-2007, 01:48 PM
Try to find a spoon called Eight of Diamonds. The one that I just killed the Northerns in the yukon with, was yellow with 8 red diamonds. It also worked just as well on the lakers. The locals turned me on to it, and it worked everywhere I tried it. Trolling or casting.

09-05-2007, 07:13 PM
for the jig heads i think they mean just a round head

09-06-2007, 07:44 AM
Thanks for the tip on the lure FF.
However I am concerned about the rod and reel. I just want to make sure this is the proper set up before i spend the money.
For muskies we will be tossing 10'' plugs.
Should I bring an extra spinning reel just in case I have trouble with the back lashes on the casting reel???