View Full Version : Shad Fest prizes

04-23-2007, 12:46 PM
Here are the prizes and who is donating them. Pretty good little prize pack for the first American River Shad caught.

Remember American river only and you must either have a Vet Sniffer willing to back up your catch, two would be better or A picture of the Shad with a 2007 fishing license (if your nutz about your info just turn it around backwards the color will show 07 or a dated item like a Sac Bee or USA Today. You also need to show that it is American River either by landmark or take the picture by a park sign.

If you have something that fishing related to add to the prize pool email me (not PM, Email).

I have to believe Cal Kellogg or one of the other guys have tons of promo stuff that they could throw in. There has to be plenty of ProCure or something...

* Sniffer Stars for your truck/car - By KingCole

* Pack of 1/32 BPS Gamakatsu red hook jigs - By KingCole

* Tango Dancer Top water Striper Plug - by Double_D

* Halogen Headlamp - By Double_D

* New in the Box Okuma Epixor EF15 Spinning reel - by Double_D

* 1/4lb spool of Cabelas Pro Line #4 test. = 2850 yards of line - By D impala95

* Catered (PB&J and soda) fishing trip in his tracker boat - By Sactotitan

* five pack of shad grubs - By RightHook

* Cuban ceeegar - By FinAddict