View Full Version : Tahoe Charter 10/7

09-12-2006, 11:27 AM
Ill be in at Incline for a stay at the Hyatt.
My questions are:

Is october a good time to fish Tahoe???

What is the name and/or # of a good charter boat???

Thanks Sniffers

09-12-2006, 03:52 PM
hello fresnofishfan, october can be a good time for fishing at tahoe, especially if it starts cooling off between now and then. gene st denis would be a good bet if you want to catch some quality fish. his website is below, give him a call and tell him when your going and he'll let you know if it would be good then. tom [smiley=angling.gif]


09-13-2006, 11:23 AM
Thanks a bunch! Ive heard of him and been on the website! I just want some sniffer approval. Im going to post on the Mac board as thats what I will want to target. Thanks again Topaz_Tom