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09-05-2006, 06:48 PM
Once again I started the day in the cove on the NE side of the VFW (Pit) Bridge near Bridge Bay Resort. *Got a line in the water at 0700, it was 75 degrees.

I was just getting my setback out when I got hit by a strong fish. *I think it was the same bass that got me excited last Friday. *Before I got out of the cove I had a nice fish on but lost it near the boat (sharpened that hook), brought in another bass, and lost another fish (sharpened that hook).

Didn't get another hit until around 0800--a strong Eagle Lake Trout at 65'. *

All the action, such as it was, came from the Blue/Silver and Purple/White Hummdingers.

I worked the Bridge to no avail. *Then went on down to Beaver Island and beyond and the only thing that made it a pleasing morning was that the primary tourist season has subsided and I wasn't being buffeted by ski boats and other racing enthusiasts.

Finally pulled up stakes and headed on down to Dry Fork with results similar to above. *So, I trolled on out toward the main part of the lake.

I used the 8" sling blade in the spring with a koka nut & caught 5 kings from 17" to 19". It does work...

Remembering Captain Morgans comment, I decided to break out one of my dusty 8" SlingBlades and one of those new large Koke-A-Nuts--the Glow Pink Silver one--and headed for the dam area.

I put that rig down to 100' on the starboard side and started setting up a stick bait on the port side. *My attention to the new set up was diverted by the starboard reel clicker zzzzzzzzzzzzzing to a pitch I had not heard before. *Fifteen minutes later I brought in a 24" 4.75 pound Salmon (Phil's scales). *The biggest guy I have brought in since fishing at the dam face was prohibited.

I usually C & R but had to keep that guy. *He came up from around 100 feet and resisted my efforts for about 15 minutes. *I didn't think he would make it back to his mate and I didn't want to meet the Osprey or Eagle that would have been able to take him to an aerie.

One could not expect to top that event, so with a couple more weak attempts, I headed for a tailgater with a friend in the parking lot.

The water at that point was 80 degrees...

09-05-2006, 07:07 PM
The Holiday is gone one day and your already on the fish, well you've been on the fish all the time but I bet it's alot more peaceful now. Congrat's on the nice salmon Budman and thank's for the report. Kneedeep. :)

09-05-2006, 09:00 PM
LOL,I know for sure your the one to get to know when I find that peice of land I want up that way ;) ;D
Just save a few for me to play w/when I get there ::)
Good hunting,there guy.

09-09-2006, 03:23 AM
Woo Hoo! Nice one Bud.
Can't wate to get back home.

Jones in ,I hit this Mud Hole here in Oklahoma. Good Catfishing. But Fishing for Catfish just aint the same. Can't wate to get back home.
I here Shasta a Calling my name. LMAO