View Full Version : Tugboats on Carquinez Straight

07-19-2006, 10:28 PM
today i was at point dillon and two ocean going cargo ships were heading towards each other. but they don't make as much wake as the 4 tugboats that accompanied them, including one rushing up to meet the incoming ship where it does a 180 to meet it.

this results in 20 minutes of volumous surges that swamp 10 feet inland. not rolling surfer's waves but big rolling hills of waves. however i was prepared having moved my gear up to higher ground and balancing on a stone. at one point i sorta lost my balance and stepped down into the water. if i lost complete balance i woulda met rock and water.

but give me a break, wtf! that is like a tsunami. a careless fisherman woulda been swamped or taken out. or kids playing in the water further down the park.

also while on a boat, these tugboats' wake were so huge. last weekend we were almost 45 degrees rolling sideways like the Posiedon.

is there a rule against these guys making such big waves? who do i call? 20 minutes of waves. first the water is pushed by the boats. then the tugboats' huge wake, then the wake reflecting off the other side of the straight coming back.

07-20-2006, 08:04 AM
I believe since the Straights are a major navigable commercial waterway, you're SOL. All boats/ships that head up into the delta for commerce have to go through the Straights.

It's like you said, if you're not observant, you may take a bath. There is nothing to be done that I know of.