View Full Version : Upper Klamath Lake fishing info?

10-12-2005, 05:25 AM
Hi there
I'm going duck hunting in southern Oregon this weekend and was thinking about taking a couple of extra days and towing my boat up for some fishing. I am interested in Upper Klamath or other southern Oregon lakes but there doesn't seem to be much info. online. Has anyone fished there? Would apprieciate any help. Also all the messeges on Pyramid have been really fun to check out.I'm going over there for a week starting Nov. 5th and can't wait. When you consider the scenry and what can be fantastic fishing that place is hard to beat. I think the reservation does a great job managing the resource and doesn't over regulate the place, an example being able to camp along the shore line just about anywhere. We'll be in a green 19' Duckworth if anyone else is there at the time lets say hi.

Thanks Hetchy