View Full Version : Lakekeeper programs in Sacramento area

09-25-2005, 09:56 AM
I wanted to know if you guys knew of any lakekeeper programs being run in the Sacramento area for area lakes/reservoirs.

I was Out at Mather Lake (not a hot angling spot, I know) and the debris just got me thinking about if the parks depts., or DFG, or water districts that manage these lakes have some organized program that lets folks get together once a month or every 3 months to go out into the places they fish and help clean them up.

Mather may not be the best example, but it definately has all the impacts that the other lakes and reservoirs have, just magnified in a much smaller area, surrounded by housing (and even more housing) and industrial, with County dump traffic using Douglas Rd. "broadcasting" trash across the lake.

Just wondering if other places like Lake Natoma, Folsom Lake, Rancho Seco, etc have any programs you guys know of, or participate in.