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08-13-2005, 06:39 PM
Anybody ever fish up at Bucks Lake near Quincy? I moved to the Bay Area from Arizona this past spring and I haven't done much freshwater fishing in CA, but my wife and I will be camping up at Bucks Lake in a week and a half. I hear there's salmon in the lake, which would be awesome to catch, but honestly I'm looking to fish as much as possible while being as lazy as possible on this much needed vacation. Any tips you veterans would be willing to share. We'll be staying in a campground on the north side of the lake. I have all sorts of gear including salmon gear I use in the Carquinez Strait, bass and trout gear from Arizona, and even some fly fishing gear (and plenty of room to carry any or all of it!). Thanks for the tips in advance!

08-13-2005, 08:05 PM
*The salmon in Bucks Lake, Kokanee Salmon, are almost impossible to catch off the shore. But you might have good luck fishing for Brook, Rainbow, and Brown trout with a nightcrawler or a small spoon or spinner. There are also Mackinaw trout in this lake, but if you don't have a boat it is almost impossible to catch them. There was a report recently from a guy who caught a 30+ pound Mackinaw here. Do a search on the lake. Also, heres some information and a map from this site. Good Luck!


08-14-2005, 11:33 AM
HJ, what part of AZ you from ?
I am moving to prescott next year. Bucks Lake is pretty good all summer, but you definitely need a boat for the kokes, I think they rent boats at the marina.good luck!

08-14-2005, 07:14 PM
ctsron, I'm from Flagstaff which is about an hour and a half from Prescott, but I used to live in Prescott many years ago. Prescott is a great town and if you like Christmas, they have a great parade and the whole community gathers for the "Lighting of the Courthouse" which is a lot of fun.

Thanks for the input on Bucks Lake guys, I'll let you know how it goes.