View Full Version : sign AB 7

08-05-2005, 09:35 AM
Right now we need the Governor to know that we want him to sign AB 7, if and when it gets to his desk.

This is so easy to do. It takes about a minute.

Click here: http://www.friendsofcaliforniahatcheries.org/Contact%20Governor.htm

On the www.Friendsofcaliforniahatcheries.org site you can send a support letter to Assemblyman Cogdill and the Senate Appropriations Committee, if you haven't done so already.

C'mon Anglers. We have only sent off about 60 letters to the Governor from the site. The letters that have been sent to Assemblyman Dave Cogdill have reached almost 700.

If we expect the Gov to sign this legislation, it will take more than 60 letters to let him know that we want hatcheries to stay open and the wild and native trout program to be funded. If hundreds of these letters are not received, you can kiss the hatchery and native trout legislation good-bye....

He just vetoed $14 million in DFG funding last month.