View Full Version : Napa River 5/15

05-16-2009, 09:18 AM
Tide looked good so the wife and I decided to head
out to a friends house who has a nice dock on the
Napa River. We got lines in the water at 1630hrs.
to a very sluggish incoming tide. We were armed
with chovy's but I took advantage of a fish trap
my buddy had in the water. Their is a lot of grass
shrimp in the river now but we did not catch anything
with grass. I even used a 2" mudsucker that was in the
trap. About after 30 minutes of fishing my wife's
spinning reel drag starts screaming and the rod came
close to be pulled off the dock. We do stay very close
to our rods when laying them flat on the dock. Plus,
we set our drags extremely light. Anyway, the wife
pulls in a 17" that was deep hooked. Let it go after
repeated revival trys but to no avail. Food for something
other than us. She then casts out again and gets another
hard pull down less than 2 minutes after tossing out!
She brings in another fish at apx. 13". She had lots of
bites but I did not even get one bite!! Out fished by
the wife :(. Oh well, nice to see some action. The bite
turned off near the top of the tide so we headed home
around 1930hrs. Was windy but it felt nice.

05-17-2009, 08:35 AM
Atleaset your wife likes fishing. My girl friend don't, she says she dont like to hurt fish! :-?

05-18-2009, 06:59 AM
My wife is the same way. She will not use live
bait for the reason you stated. Not even shrimp.
She felt bad about the two fish she caught.
The 13" was bleeding bad. I think I am going
to make my own leaders with circle hooks
and 30lb test line in the hope of getting less
deep hooked fish. Oh...my wife doesn't bait
her hooks either. She loves the peace and
relaxation that fishing offers.