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Thought this might fit well with the Montauk theme. I used to live there. This is a very quick recount of my last trip back east. If you have no intrest in stripers or out of the area reports please do not waste your time and read any further. My apologies for posting these pics soo late.
This is an annual trip for me ever since I left the east coast 7 years ago. It is to visit family and fish. First shots are from a night behind my sisters apt in Long beach NY. Litterally 3 casts and 3 fish. First fish caught on an RM Smith floating needle. Walked it up the beach and deposited it on my sisters porch. Then my buddy Steve joins me (after a quick cell phone call to tell him that it is on tonight). We walk down to the water and he then lands the 2nd and 3rd fish on the same live eel. First 2 were about 30-34 inches. The third was 41 inches 32 lbs. A legal 2 fish night for him (one fish minimum 28 inches and one over 40). Had a few more schoolies on the needlefish later in the night. Great night at least for Long Beach. The day bite was nonexistent. We ate evertyhing with the neighbors and friends.
Next picture is of my 67 year old mom with a nice fish out in Montauk. She's got the touch. Heck she's been fishing for about the last 60 years. It's pretty amazing watching all the lunatics running around catching schoolies while she bails the keepers. We had 2 nice keepers in the first 20 minutes. Caught on live eels around midday. People always tell me that stripers will only go for eels at night. This in my opinion is a total myth as I have caught fish to 26 lbs during the day and many keepers at that. After the 2 keepers on the eels the blitzes arrived. Stayed about an hour more and caught about 10 fish all on pencil poppers. Had to leave them biting as I had a commitment later in the afternoon. It was very painfull leaving a 1 mile and a half long stetch of water alive with thousands of fish. These fish were on the open sand beaches not at the infamous lighthouse. Only a few locals cashing in on the midweek blitz. These conditions lasted on and off for at least 6 weeks.
The other pics are from back bay spots near Jones inlet. My sister is in the auxillary coast guard and a licensed captain. That comes in handy for kepping the drift positon along those salt marshes.
only get to fish for about 3 weeks total back home in LI during September and October. But growing up surfing and fishing there, certainly has it's advantages. It's not all easy fishing even during blitzes there are times the fish are soo picky, they just don't want to take any artificial. The fish are litterally hitting you in the shins. It's pretty histerical having the guide led fly fisherman pull there boat within 100 yards of the beach to cast to these schooling fish, while the local Montauk guys are hurling 4 oz bucktails trying to hit them and or their boat, while yelling expletives. We had quite a few epic days on both the boat and surfcasting and a few skunks as well. I thing we had close to 40 fish total.
We were hitting it pretty hard day and night.

It's a magical place in the fall. I feel blessed to have been raised in a fishing family. Those are the memories that last a lifetime. Don't forget to take someone fishing this year. A son, daughter friend or neighbor. Pass on that feeling of the great outdoors. A quick note on conservation. We practice catch and realease most of the time. Use circle hooks, soo fish don't get gut hooked and crush down the barbs on those treble hooks for a quicker release. Only kept what we ate.

If anyone wants to catch some world class action in either September or October just let me know. I have all the info you will need as to who, what, where, and when.

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Sweet Pics! We'll take all ya got! Great post!