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05-18-2008, 06:38 AM
Spot Burning Policy

Please post only general locations, not exact spots, if you start a thread please try not to use a general location like Ocean beach or Pacifica, it will bring to much attention to that area,most of us here will know what area your talking about.

Posting a photo of your success from the beach(and we like photo's)please try not to have any back ground in your photo that could give away the area your fishing at, I all ways try to have just sand or ocean in the back ground of the fish I take photo's of.

Someone posted ''Why even have a Saltwater Striper forum'' if we can't talk about locations......info sharing, not directing people to exact spots where fish have been caught but sharing info so that person will be armed with knowledge it takes to find and figure out how to catch fish that is what this forum is about.

So whats the big deal about naming a fishing spot at the beach, this fishing sites gets a lot of hits every day believe it or not, and we have seen what happens when someone Flames a location on line....the location gets over run the next day, or some times that day....I personally have been guilty of spot burning, I want you new guys posting here to learn from my mistakes......if I started flaming spots at the beach, the guys that fish it all the time would stop calling me when it's going off, the emails would stop, and I'd get dirty looks from people that don't even post here but read the the Fish Sniffer, plus I'd like to see some of the old guys start posting here like winch,johnny's rock,tomaruand,montuck,mariner, and a whole bunch of others with tons of surf fishing knowledge, but they won't if we let the stop naming continue.

So here is what will happen when someone Flames a spot or posts a photo that is too revealing and gives up a location...I will edit the post or if need be delete the post and or photo.....I'll send a pm explaining why and if need be copy/paste this sticky post to the pm, thanks for taking to time to read this post and hope to read many a good post from all you guys and gals.

Thanks DD