View Full Version : Delta, Sac Side Sturgeon (Not) March 3, 2008

03-03-2008, 04:15 PM
Pastor Steve Murakami, my lucky dog, Spike, and I tried for sturgeon again. We launched at Belden Landing. 6 hours, 7 miles, junk bites, one undersized Striped Bass. Water 53.4*, dirty (2-3 visibility), little to no debris; air 42-66*; sky clear; wind 0-4 mph. We stopped at Rio Vista Bait & Tackle for Ghost & Grass Shrimp. Relatively few boats on the water, no radio traffic. Passing boats indicated no fish. We looked for Sturgeon with the Fish Finder, saw few to none. We fished most of the incoming tide, a 30-45" slack tide and the first hour of the outgoing (the only tide we got bit, junk bites only). A nice day on the water despite no catching. Thanks again for the company Steve.