View Full Version : Stripers/Sturgeon(not) Suisun Bay Tues Feb 26 2008

02-27-2008, 09:01 AM
Bill Crooks invited me to join him for a day trying for stripers or sturgeon. We launched at Belden Landing. 7.5 hours, 42 miles, caught one 5# striper. Water 51.1*, dirty, some debris; air 44-60*; sky overcast; wind 0-5 mph. We got some Grass & Ghost shrimp at Suisun Bait & Stuff in case the water was too dirty for trolling. We briefly tried trolling in very dirty, 2-3” visibility water. We saw many fish on Bill’s “new” settings Lowrance but no bites. We spent most of the day looking for sturgeon in all the wrong places (saw none), ended up on anchor, an outgoing tide, 23' of water in Suisun Bay. We used eel, Ghost & Grass shrimp, no sturgeon bites. Bill got a 5# striper on eel!/Ghost shrimp. A truly beautiful day on the water. Thanks for the invite, company Bill.

02-27-2008, 10:07 AM
So where are all the stripers?? With this water temp coming up, the stripers should be coming, right??