View Full Version : Sturgeon Fishing with Capt. Kevin Lucky Strike

02-19-2008, 05:18 PM
Hello all,
I am new to sturgeon fishing so I decided to book a trip on a charter. That day was Sunday the 17th of February. *:)
Kevin did a great job for us, everything was ready for us, bait, rods, chairs, everything. He took us out to several spots and we marked many fish all over the place. *
Well as all of you that were out there know, it was a tough day. I think that we were pretty lucky in though many ways. We had tons of bits throughout the day but we were just too late on the hookset. Capt. Kevin was patient and very diligent in his teachings. Also, those breakfast burritos are some of the best I've had and let me tell you, I've had a bunch in my life. *
One of my buds, Rob, missed a few good bits, I think he actually had one on but he allowed some slack in the line and it was gone. Then it happened, tap, tap, tap. Rob swings too set the hook and it "FISH-ON" baby. Keep in mind that this is Rob's first sturgeon on the line that is over 18" long so we are all going crazy.
Also, during this time, Rob's hat with all his lic., tags, stamps, etc. get knocked off his head and into the drink. Of course he freaks out and we are all over him yelling that he is fishing illegally and that he should hand over the rod to a "legal" angler. I'm sure you can imagine what his reply was to us and it wasn't "Ok, here you go"! * >:(.
Back to the fight, the fish is at the boat and Capt. Kevin is ready with the snare. a little more guidance and he snares the fish and in the boat it comes. Rob is going crazy as he lands his first "keeper", a really nice fat pig. Out comes the tape and man, it's just under the slot limit so back into the water it must go. More ribbing on Rob for losing his license. *;D. Pictures to come.
A short time later I have my chance with a fish and I set the hook and start reeling. I can feel the weight and it feels good so I keep the line tight and keep reeling in. Then I feel that release and it's gone. What a bummer dude! Over all we had a great time on Kevin's boat. We learned a bunch and we had our chances. We just didn't hook um when it counted. *>:(

The fishing was tough but we counted the day like this:

Bits: Countless
Hooksets: Many
Fishing with your friends: Priceless

Thank you again for the great day on the water. You treated us very good. Next time we'll try to control ourselves a little more so that we can concentrate a little more on the hook sets.
Please thank the boss too for the great burritos.