View Full Version : One fish changed my life.

02-15-2008, 08:38 PM
My father in law said me would school me on how to caught big stripers. LOL I been fishing all my life.Bait a hook,, throw it out wait for bite, set hook, land fish..
This wasnt his way.Right tides, bull heads on a bull head hook, sliding weight and set your drag loose, let the fish run , set hook.. *I already had a bait runner. Lucky me I had a pick up. Tried to set the hook to quick and missed it. No other bites the rest of the day.
We went back out the next day. This time I did as I was told and landed a 15lb. striper. The biggest fish of my life. And he said thats a small fish.

I keeped that fish . And was hooked on stripers. Its nothing like cat fishing in the delta. LOL
*While out fishing for stripers in the same spot we have fished for yrs, he hooked up with a sturgeon. Watching him fight that fish was a ball. He lands 3 that day .

Afew trips later it was my turn. That first keeper sturgeon has changed how I *think about fishing.

How its about light tackles and caught and release.( Mostly)

I enjoy eating fish but LOVE knowing that it lives to fight again. We keeped one sturgeon last yr. Took it home for a birthday gift for my wife *8-). We have 4 ppl in your family that fish. If we where lucky to land 3 a pc. thats 12 sturgeons a yr to take home. Doesnt seen right.

Same things goes for stripers. We could take 4 to 6 keepers a day. I know the in my possession also includes whats at home But theres no law staying that you cant give it away to someone with a fishing lic. And go back for more.

My father and I we use only 20lb main line and 15 lbs leaders, 2 or 3 oz *weight. I for one like using only 1 hook . My father likes using 2. All of your sturgeons been caught on *light med. rods. I use the same set up for stripers. *

Yes we have chase afew.

Its all about the fight for us.

So far this yr I have landed 2 keepers and put then both back. On your last trip we had a keeper striper, sturgeon and 2 surrys.

I work for bait money *;D