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Dan Bacher
11-16-2007, 07:34 PM
Hey anglers - you might keep a look out for a mountain lion on the American River Parkway.

Parkway users: following from a Parkway runner and Sunriver resident. FYI:

Warren V. Truitt
President, SARA
Save The American River Association

SARA: Guardians of the American River & Parkway Since 1961

At the risk of freaking everyone out about using the parkway, I wanted to let you know that I saw a mountain lion close to Sunriver park this morning. It was 6:15 am, just as it was getting light.

I run on the parkway in the mornings with a friend. We ran through the park to the access road, and made a left on the road to get to the parkway. We saw a house cat running towards us on the road. As we went further down the road toward the parkway, we saw the mountain lion in the field on the right running parallel to us, and then it turned to run away from us towards the parkway. We waved our arms, turned around, ran back to the park, and then ran the loop around the neighborhood instead.

I know that we are all aware they are out there because of the signs posted, but I personally had never seen one, and had not seen one so close up. It definitely had a flat face, short ears and long thin tail (it was not a fox).

My friend drives here in the morning from another area. I think I just lost my morning running partner.

Be safe.

11-16-2007, 07:48 PM
COOL!!!!!............sorry about your running partner