View Full Version : Lumpy Suisun Bay

02-13-2008, 06:38 PM
Hit Suisun Bay this morning for the last time until fall, bringing the boat home. Lumpy most of the day.
Caught 1 at 41 and a nice 61 inches that did not want to come in, around the boat 4 times. Wind started to come out of the north, got snotty real fast. Time to come in! fish came on a combo ( a first for me, but had to try it ) of shad and jps with sturgeon pro cure. I will post pictures as soon as I program this new computer

02-13-2008, 07:17 PM
this is the first one @41 incheshttp://img509.imageshack.us/img509/2072/im001561ue8.jpg
and the other one at 61 inches http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/700/im001566jk2.jpg

02-13-2008, 08:05 PM
Nice going guys !
With the wind today I bet it was choppy ..

02-14-2008, 07:01 AM
it was nice until a little after noon, then all hell started breaking loose. win that north wind come's up out there, you better get off the water, because it's going to get ugly!

02-14-2008, 08:58 AM
good job!

02-14-2008, 09:47 AM
Beautiful FISH!
Nice job White Cap! ZACK!

02-14-2008, 11:21 AM
Nice fish whitecap. We will be down next week. I can't wait. 1st trip this year, first trip in a while.