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Capt'n Kev
02-11-2008, 09:24 PM
WOW...it seems way to long to be able to give an update, but after making a trip to Vegas to tie up an important issue....it is good to be back on the water!! This should get us caught up since our last update and is a result of multiple trips, scouting runs, and play days of fishing...not just based on one outing.....gotta be clear....

YEA BABY...came back to find warmer water!! Think I got a sun burn today...guess I should have left the thong at home..... :o *:o

What a relief to find the sturgeon hadnt decided to take a break of thier own....things seem to be just about as they were on our last update, with multiple hook ups, with a nice 78 incher in the group....our 21st TBTK since 9-07...since our last update of tge 81 incher.

Conditions, Depths, Location, & Bait:

Water Temp: 47-50
Water Conditions: Murky to muddy
Most Productive Depth: 32ft
Most Productive Area: No easy question there, had to cover alot of ground. Worked bodies of waters from Bouy 33 to the Fleet.
Most Productive Bait: ROE & *some hookups on eel/shrimp

Also, reports of *two *big sturgeon being landed in Grizley Bay, one at 72 inches, one at 98 inches.

Looks like the big fish are still hungry!! With the water temps aris'n...the bite should just keep get'n bet'r & bet'r!!

Good Luck Out There!!

02-12-2008, 06:06 AM
Way to go buddy! Can't wait for the weekend the bite is definately turning on.