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01-29-2008, 03:53 PM
On my way to work this morning I stopped at the 7-11 to buy my daily Lotto ticket and just happened to check out the magazine rack. WHen I spotted it...

Fishing and Hunting News has the newest issue out and there onm the font page is a guy holding up this very nice BIG Sturgeon! Upon closer inspeciton I note that the issue is 1/2 filled with Stugeon fishing articles with places to go and what to use etc. So of course I had to buy it.
Upon reading it I find that the issue discusses mainly the 4 closest rivers to me. They show places to fish, recipes for baits, and which tides to fish...the whole enchilada! Now I know I'm not crazy abotu going after these fish close to home. I'm so excited!
If I take their word as gospel though I need to wait until Mid-Feb. or even March - July. But I think I'll try to start earlier than that...like next week maybe, if the weather improves.

Terry B.

01-29-2008, 05:21 PM
I'm from your area and picked up the same F & H Newspaper. I have a friend I met this winter who has a small boat for river fishin but we haven't taken it out for sturgeon yet >:(

As far as timing goes, I was fishing the Stilly from shore in Feb one winter using sand shrimp. Had a suicide strike that bent the pole almost double and ripped off 50-60 feet of line upstream into a snag. I pumped and reeled 3-4 times and the line was tight to the snag. >:(
Was using 30 pound braided with a tight drag, so I had to cut the line.

Was fishing there again in July and getting nothing. Put a sand shrimp on and in about 20 minutes my pole was bouncing up and down from a 39" shaker which I landed and released, a twin of the one I caught earlier that summer out of the Snohomish.

The locals are pretty quiet about sturgeon but they're in those rivers, believe it! I've heard that in our rivers they move with the tides alot and orient to snags and cover more than in a river like the Columbia or the Fraser up in Canada.

Tight lines and smooth drags to yuh, Bankbonker.

01-29-2008, 06:32 PM

Do you still live in my area? If so, let's get together for a trip! My boat, Skagit river delta. Whaddya say?

Terry B.