View Full Version : Sturgeon fishing in sacramento

01-21-2008, 10:04 PM
I've been reading the boards preparing for my first Sturgeon trip. I've got the bait and gear all figured out but have no idea where to go.

I live up HWY 50 and would like to fish the sacramento river. some area to try out would be great. I'm not familar with the sacramento river so actual diretions would be prefered rather than names of places.

PM's work great if you don't want to post up. Thanks.

01-21-2008, 10:20 PM
Sac river...for sturgeon i got the place, well my favorite place is in hood, you that freeport bait shop??? you keep driving down that road all the way down keep going down, until you reach in a little town called TWIN CITIES, there will be a big orange yellow sign of it, and then you keep going down all the way until you start to see some cars, keep going until you see like a skinny pipe tower sticks out a lil bit, and a little further up, there's a fence to your left, and there's an orange tree a lil up ahead the fence, like next to it by the gate, don't park in front of that gate, you can get a ticket, and so you park your car along those fence, straight down from there will be 2 spot, the left will be a wide spot with a lil sand, and a long path down there, and the first spot straight down from that fence is rocky, but once you get down there its like a flat cliff...sorta...and yeah take any of those spot its awesome, oh yeah on the spot to your left, if you see like a flat grassy area with small tree and a house up ahead, well maybe a house up ahead, then your at the right spot...good luck :D ;)