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10-03-2007, 09:10 AM
Any tips on good ways to bring one in, unhook , pic and release? I suppose a snare is the best option, and I hear if they are belly up they relax more(?). I've concluded that I really do not want to keep any. Just a personal preference. Given that conclusion, I just want some tips to best give ol' Mr. /Mrs. Sturg a good chance of surviving our encounter.

That, of course , is assuming I actually hook one of those beasts ;) ;D

10-03-2007, 09:53 AM
million year old fish......i think they are pretty hearty!!!!

except the obvious...hands in gills or better yet knife in gills they will pretty much survive a lot else!

i bring mine over the rail 80 percent of the time because i FISH 80 percent of the time by myself....pretty hard to unhook, hold, get camera, snap pic, and have it showing the person who caught it.....but then again latley (last year and a half) i dont even take pics of fish under 55" sometimes i do if it was a good fighter and i want to remember the story of the fight again.

but getting back to the point....if you have a snare capable of a ONE person opperation...that is the best method...although make sure they are beat tired....i have had more than one wiggle out of the snare just after the hook release and well you guessed it NO PIC...

sometimes i use a net easier to keep them calm i feel...but i feel it can do damage to fins i have split tails and such because the netting is tight...thats when infection comes into play....if i use a net now i try to get them in and out as fast as possible.

really it boils down to keeping them calm and relaxed....work the fish back when releasing...NEVER just dump it over...try as best you can to hold the fish INTO the current NOT AWAY from and DO NOT SWIM them back and forth...water goes IN ONE WAY AND OUT THE OTHER....it is just like KEEPING THEM OUT of the water if you force water in the gills the wrong direction.....best way i have found is to hold the fish by the MOUTH...head just below the water and wait untill the gills start moving....pretty soon after that the body should "tighten" up meaning that the muscles are getting O2 and the fish is wanting to swim off...sometimes this happens REAL soon others it takes a while.

just try your best after that its up to the GODS if the fish makes it or not.

99.9 percent of the fish released I feel survive but hey thats just me.


10-03-2007, 01:20 PM
All good advice jake. Anouther way is use a dacron leader instead of wire and tie it to your boat cleat. Belly up for shure.steven

10-03-2007, 01:33 PM
All good advice jake. Anouther way is use a dacron leader instead of wire and tie it to your boat cleat. Belly up for shure.steven

i use MONO leaders....never WIRE!!!!!!!!!....but a dacron leader is good i did try it once and i got about 100 yrds of 100# left...i just didnt like it as leader materal....and i use SHORT leaders...my boat would allow me to tie off to a cleat and hang a fish there it would be out of the water just the same.

but i guess i could un hook the fish, have another dacron leader long enough to tie off with a sharp hook on it....pierce the lip wiht the hook and let him hang in the water untill i got all set up with the camera....

i dont know, your idea of dacron leaders is good though.