View Full Version : Sunset Pics.

06-22-2009, 06:38 PM
I spent last week in Crescent City, and played around with the camera with some sunset pictures. I got a lot to learn but here's what I got so far.










06-22-2009, 11:34 PM
mike_d - I like #5 with bright shiny water best because it has the strongest "grab me" value. *Other shots ... #2 people silhouette and the last with strong sun reflection are nice, but small size diminishes their impact. *Bet they look AWESOME full size on your monitor. *Which one is your favorite?

Do you have photo edit software? *Know you said you're learning about the camera so maybe it's too soon for you to take on another time and brain bonking chore, but here's what a few minutes can do for impact.

All changes to your image were done with edit features found in FastStone Image Viewer ... a FREE program. *You can find FastStone website with Google.

After saving your pic to my computer I opened it in FS viewer. *First step was resizing it up to 640x480. * Next was to use Enhance Colors to change brightness/contrast and saturation. *Sharpen came next and then I tried adding a black border in the Draw board feature. *Got a little tricky getting it right so instead of using the rectangular border tool to do the white line border I decide to try enlarging the canvas slighty using white for background color. *Back in the Draw Board I used the text tool to put in your name and position it. *Also reduced the text opacity to fade it back.

I'm not real familiar using FS Viewer for editing, but wondered what I could do with it and how long it'd take. *About 10 minutes.

06-23-2009, 12:56 AM
Those are ones to put in the photo album for sure. I like the second one the best. One of my favorite quotes is "We do not remember days, We *remember moments". I find that so true for me. Assuming that is your family, that picture will bring back that moment in time forever. I love a great sunset picture, but pictures like #2 are very memorable. Yak has some great advice for you, as always ;). I took it one click further and removed some noise to get a little crisper picture. Thanks for shareing those mike, great job.


06-23-2009, 05:23 AM
Thanks for the reply's. I like the silhouette picture the best, I got a really good silhouette of my son also but he was acting goofy instead of posing so it didn't turn out as nice.

I haven't tried any editing software yet, I'm trying to learn the camera first then I'll take it to the next level.