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04-30-2009, 03:02 PM
To post pictures they must first be hosted. You cannot post pictures directly from your computer to this site without a host. There are many free host companies but we will use Imageshack for an easy free start up. Go to www.imageshack.us and register. Now that you have an account that is accessible in your E-mail, open it up.
Step 1: You will see a blue header on a box on the right of the screen titled "Action." Click on classic view.
Step 2: You will see the option of uploading. Click upload images.
Step 3:Check the box that says upload file, resize image 320 x 240, and remove size/resolution bar from thumbnail.
Step 4: Hit Browse, and locate the file that your pictures are in. Select the picture you wish to post and hit open.
Step 5: Select “host it.”
Step 6: Select “my images,” and you will see the picture you wish to post.
Step 7 :To the right of that picture will be Embeddable Code. Highlight the code next to the word “forum.” Copy the highlighted code by right clicking your mouse and copy.
Step 8: Go to your post and paste.

Congratulations, your post now has pictures.

Note: If you have Imageshack open in one tab and the Sniffer open in a second tab you will have an easier time of posting multiple pics.

Note: Please be advised that posted images wider than 450 pixels are being cropped by the forum software. So if you want the viewers to see the right side of your picture, please don't post images that are any wider than that. Reduce standard digital camera images to 450 X 338 pixels.

Here is a down-loadable tool that will resize a single picture. Click on the resize option before downloading your picture to Imageshack. You can have it resize an entire folder of pics as well:

Signature Pics: You will need to use some pic resizing software to place a pic in your Signature Box. Optimum is 445 x 125 after you have cropped your pic as Dave has done. Mine shown in my Signature Box is 240 x 180.


05-11-2009, 11:32 PM
Many people are posting with the code for thumb nails when using Image Shack. I believe they are getting confused by the description on the Image Shack screen.

To post full size pictures do the following

From your account "My images" page click on the i to open the code window.


Deselect the check mark by clicking on it. This allows the full image code to show up.


Click on the bar pointed by the pink arrow and copy the code.


Paste the code in the reply window.


I hope this helps.

05-12-2009, 08:55 PM
Here is h00kies work on Photobucket. Nice work h00kie!

Photobucket is another site to host images in. *I find it to be very user friendly.

- Load single or multiple files or images from your source. Choose the size you want the images to be downloaded with by selecting a size from the "Reduce to:" drop down bar.

- Once downloaded, the IMG & other codes can be easily accessed.

- Since the FS requires an IMG code when posting pictures directly, click on that link window and a "Copied" pop-up will briefly appear.

- All that's left now is to paste (Ctrl + V, right-click 'paste' functions) the code that's in your clipboard to your FS entry. *